Our goal is to help our clients succeed. Therefore, we endeavor to be their trusted business advisor, available to serve our clients as needed.

- Lee Anne Acosta

Compliance & Consulting

As our firm works with entrepreneurs and their families we strive to help them achieve their financial goals not only for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren. Business succession, retirement, and estate planning provide a framework through which some of these goals can be attained.

Compliance Consulting | Tax Preparation

Film In Florida

We are pleased to be associated with the film industry in Florida. We provide a distinctive service for the industry, by certifying certain Florida expenditures so that the company can receive a financial incentive.

Film In Florida

Family Law

With training in the Collaborative Law Family Process, we are uniquely qualified to assist families in dealing with the financial repercussions of divorce. We strive to aid in a resolution which best serves the family as a whole.

Collaborative Divorce | Noncollaborative Divorce